asplinux add-ons

Add-on Packages

The add-on packages are in the table below. These packages are prepared for the latest versions of asplinux. If an add-on package does not work, a bug report is always appreciated.

The first table has a link to the original source code package distributor and person who put together the add-on packaging is credited.

The second set of tables have the add-on package downloads.

Add-on Source

Package Version Notes/Credit
calc [link] Calculator - Douglas Jerome
thttpd [link] 2.25b Tiny Web Server - Douglas Jerome
ntfs-3g [link] 2010.10.2 NTFS Tools - Jeff Pohlmeyer
Add-on Binary Packages

calc Packages Size md5sum
calc- 302K 525d0d6b43b6f8c82f8a31380d265dad
calc- 302K a3f10b8a151e6c16e7d5cc7f4256ceba
calc- 337K c1b19b13048d63f1d8dda35dd901f4bf
calc- 320K 1f8547f1a79bec0b8951a5bdd05867a5
ntfs-3g Packages Size md5sum
ntfs-3g-2010.10.2-i486.tbz 184K a72c0ca6cc664f63be12c783f3ba633c
ntfs-3g-2010.10.2-i686.tbz 192K 8f696e8f2ad9bb5720ca4c3f40ab37ee
ntfs-3g-2010.10.2-x86_64.tbz 195K ebf49cf1683f0f90e6a71f7d91883e9c
ntfs-3g-2010.10.2-powerpc.tbz 209K cfc825703c82f89e46767e94ce9726cd
thttpd Packages Size md5sum
thttpd-2.25b-i486.tbz 35K ec8bf8fd84ef0b995d9bbecdc8bd1869
thttpd-2.25b-i686.tbz 35K b351ef5d2e4c31e3ac670808d96a7cc5
thttpd-2.25b-x86_64.tbz 39K 55e5605b858c14e033d1a24b5a0b4085
thttpd-2.25b-powerpc.tbz 37K 7a89fec7d6559dccde757bb3b20d66e3

Off-site Resources

Other add-on packages may be available at Any packages of the same version found here and at other sites are equivalent, unless specifically noted.

A download mirror site has recent downloads, including add-ons here; thanks to yosh.

Another download mirror site has recent ISO downloads here; thanks to CcSsNet.


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