asplinux downloads - ppc architecture

The current asplinux release is 12.6 for the PowerPC CPU architecture.

This asplinux PowerPC architecture is a generic 32-bit PowerPC G3 or G4 (74xx/75xx), intended to be suitable for Apple PowerMac, iBook and PowerBook computers.

This asplinux variant has a 24MB RAM disk root file system, libncurses libraries, udev, and also Intel, ATI and Nvidia frame buffers and GPM for mouse. This system is the same as the ws asplinux, but without ALSA and without the C development capabilities.

Major Components
» Linux
» Glibc 2.12.1
» Ncurses Libs 5.7
» Iptables
» Dropbear 0.52 (scp, ssh, sshd)
» GPM 1.20.6
» Bash 4.1
» Busybox 1.18.4
» E2fsprogs 1.41.12

The CD-ROM ISO image has the asplinux PowerPC kernel and initrd file system. There also is a qemu-system-ppc startup script, and the usual asplinux configuration and documentation files, and the asplinux binary packages in the distribution.

To use qemu-system-ppc with this ISO image, gunzip and mount the ISO image file. If you mounted the ISO image file at /mnt, then go to the directory above, which would be the root directory in this case. Run the qemu shell script in the top-level directory in the ISO image; this shell script doesn't know where you mounted, so that is an argument to the script.
$ mount -o loop ut-asplinux-powerpc-12.6.iso /mnt
$ cd /
$ mnt/ mnt

The run-time configuration of the asplinux PowerPC kernel, initrd file system and startup scripts are all generally the same as for the x86 and x86_64 PC architecture.

Boot Instructions
When burned to a CD-ROM, this ISO image boots in a suitable PowerpC Macintosh, such as an iBook. Insert the CD-ROM and hold the 'C' key while booting to boot from the CD-ROM.

CD-ROM ISO Images - note the release version is in the file name

Filename MB md5sum
ut-asplinux-powerpc-12.6.iso.gz 20 4d949e5e9c2f16f9e651f339f0012c91

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