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The current asplinux release is 11.2 for the PowerPC CPU architecture.

Currently, the PowerPC architecture specified for the cross-compiling of asplinux is a generic 32-bit PowerPC G3 or G4 (74xx/75xx), intended to be suitable for Apple PowerMac and PowerBook computers. Another PowerPC architecture, 32-bit 60x or 64-bit G5 (970), will be seriously considered if requested by someone who can boot and use it.

The CD-ROM ISO image has the asplinux PowerPC kernel and initrd file system. There also is a qemu-system-ppc startup script, an ISO image remastering script, and the usual asplinux configuration and documentation files.

To use qemu-system-ppc with this ISO image, gunzip and mount the ISO image file. If you mounted the ISO image file at /mnt, then go to the directory above, which would be the root directory in this case. Run the qemu shell script in the top-level directory in the ISO image; this shell script doesn't know where you mounted, so that is an argument to the script.
$ mount -o loop asplinux-powerpc-11.2.iso /mnt
$ cd /
$ mnt/ mnt

The run-time configuration of the asplinux PowerPC kernel, initrd file system and startup scripts are all generally the same as for the x86 and x86_64 PC architecture.

I want to hear all of your issues, suggestions, ideas and complaints for this PowerPC port of asplinux, including the qemu startup script. Email your wise words to me douglas@asplinux.

NOTE This ISO image does not boot. I am lacking the ability to make a Macintosh PowerPC bootable CD image from an Intel computer. I am hoping the ISO image remastering script, when run from a PowerPC Linux will create a bootable ISO image.

CD-ROM ISO Images - note the release version is in the file name

Filename MB md5sum
asplinux-powerpc-11.2.iso.gz 11 3b9a33285f783e9b8dbdfaaca78e6e32

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