1 2009-06-09 12:01:11

Topic: shebang + Bash issues


[almost] all the scripts are using bash syntax (e.g. for loop with (()) )
I do have /bin/bash installed, but my /bin/sh points to something else
(busybox, ash) that I do not plan to change not to break other things.

is it possible to change it to the correct #!/bin/bash everywhere?
or is it possible to change these scripts to be ash-compliant?

2 2009-06-09 17:48:54

Re: shebang + Bash issues


I presume you mean the asplinux build scripts.

I wasn't clear about what I wanted when I created the asplinux build scripts, or maybe I was clear and I was wrong.

All the asplinux build scripts should be #!/bin/sh and they should work with any shell variant (not c-shell). The scripts that run under asplinux will be bash with all its extensions: with such a small system there's otherwise no reason to have all the bash capabilities taking up space.

I will fix the asplinux build scripts to be #!/bin/sh and test them with ash and dash for the next release, but that is a few months away from now as I am feverishly working on ...


Please feel free to change the asplinux build scripts to #!/bin/sh and I will help correct the problems via this forum and/or email. If you can make a fix yourself and send it to me I will incorporate the fix in some way, maybe differently.

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